Real-time Tracking

At-a-glance real-time updates of patient location & statuses help you reduce wait time, treat patients faster & better utilize each room in your practice. Healthcare organizations are insanely busy. The last thing you need is a lump of impersonal data that seeps your energy into the floorboards. Receive reports that are timely, accurate and easily understandable.

Whether you are a small, independent medical practice, hospital, or ACO, you need to know the nexus between operational costs, collections and patient flow. Connect the dots easily by using the KPI Tracker tool. It is highly secure, follows sophisticated data encryption protocols, and is thoroughly HIPAA compliant

  • Collection KPIs
  • Charge capture KPIs
  • Denial rate KPI
  • Claims adjudication KPI
  • Days cash on hand KPI
  • Days in AR KPI
  • RVU analysis
  • Bad debt information
  • Revenue cycle lag details
  • Claim rejection info
  • Net percentage collected
  • Average life of denials
  • Percentage of no-response claims
  • Insurer specific payment KPIs
  • Patient payment information
  • Time between DOS and billing date

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