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AR Management has become extremely complicated. The evolution of payment plans, patient copayments, co-insurance arrangements, and more patients in high-deductible health plans have increased the complexity and ambiguity of payments. Doctors need a comprehensive strategy to help minimize reimbursement issues and accelerate cash flow.

An effective insurance model helps healthcare organizations in recovering over-due payments from insurance carriers easily and on time. This is when accounts receivable (AR) Clean up services come into the picture. It helps the healthcare service providers run their practice smoothly and successfully while ensuring the owed amount is refunded back in as short a time as possible.

iSolve RCM has a Skilled AR Panel

The management team of iSolve RCM quickly improved the healthcare collection. Clearly established internal procedures to simplify collections and ensure that each claim is followed up. Our team of experts will thoroughly assess your account receivable status and determine rejected claims, unpaid claims, and low payments.

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