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How do we help Medical Group Practitioners

The medical group may be putting a lot of effort into bringing cases to the payer frame. Sometimes, you may need to work overtime, hire a biller, train a biller, and monitor the interruption caused by employee turnover, which will eventually delay the case and ultimately lead to loss of income. In addition, in today’s increasingly complex healthcare situation, it is undoubtedly more costly to remove the negatives. This will affect medical group practitioners but it will also affect the income of the entire clinic. iSolve RCM is here to help medical group practitioners.

Substantial Services

We help Medical Practices to drive efficiencies through troublesome advancements, special casebased work processes, and incredible stage networks. iSolve RCM is at your service to provide you with the best RCM services:

  • A/R Management.

  • Risk-free submission of Credentialing application.

  • Medical Billing with the latest healthcare technology.

  • Collections.

  • Customized Reports with data in an easy-to-read format.

  • Online Software Access.

  • Electronic Claim Submissions.

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