Claim Submission and Edits

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Medical insurance claim Submission is one of the key steps in the medical billing process. It determines the amount of reimbursement that the healthcare provider will receive after the insurance company clears the dues. It is important to understand what exactly happens during the process of claim submission to insurance. As it is one of the most important processes that consume a lot of time and resources, it is advisable to outsource the submission of the claims process to an experienced service provider.

The experienced team of iSolve RCM can help you at every step of the medical billing process. Outsourcing medical claims submission services to us can help you reduce your overhead costs and improve revenue apart from improving the efficiency of your team.

Work Edits and Claims Rejection Management

Edits on the Practice Management System

Prior to claims being staged to claims scrubber application, we review the claims using the system functionality.

Bill Scrubber Edits

Automated claims editing to ensure that the claim data is accurate and manual edits as needed.

Cleaninghouse Edits

We review all claims throwing out from the cleaninghouse systems and manually resolve.

Payer Rejections

Once the claims reach the payer, the claims are in denied or partially denied status and upon receipt of the information, we work with payers to refile claims.

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