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iSolve RCM submits claims to Medicare, Medicaid, No-Fault/Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, and all commercial carriers. All claims are submitted either by paper or electronically to both primary and secondary insurers. iSolve RCM accurately interprets and posts insurance and patient payments to maintain maximum reimbursement.

If there is any patient responsibility such as a co-payment, co-insurance, or deductible a patient statement is sent out. iSolve RCM provides patient customer service for all billing inquiries.

Medical Billing Process

No Billing Problems Anymore Because We Offer

Automatically verifies patient’s insurance eligibility

Count on billing mistakes

Safeguard’s patient data

Drives up Patient satisfaction

Stay compliant with regulations

Lowering the cost of normal billing activity

Enhances cash flow with faster claim processing

Highest accuracy

Timely collection of payment claims

Periodic payment report

Electronic processing of medical claims

24/7 Billing Support

Medical Billing Services of iSolve RCM

What sets us apart from other medical billing companies is our cutting-edge technology, which anticipates and prevents coding and billing errors while maximizing output. Our experienced personnel applies the newest guidelines to your claims. As part of our services, we provide automated data entry by integrating with your EHR and providing fully transparent Revenue Cycle Management reports.

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