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Patients Demographics Entry

Accurate capture of patient details is perhaps one of the most underrated processes in the revenue cycle process chain. Not only does the data captured in the demographic entry process form the base for the medical record, but it also affects insurance claims payment.

We have trained our team of revenue cycle professionals to validate all information available in the face sheets. Our team contacts the provider's office or the medical billing company if any information is incomplete or erroneous in case of any discrepancies. Our team members enter the validated data on the client's practice management software with a high degree of accuracy and within a turnaround time of 24-48 hours.

We review and update the following information on the practice management system:

Demographics Info

Medical Info

Health Care Insurance Info

Payment Info

What if the information is imprecise

Inaccurate capture of the Patient information could result in:

Increased claim denials and delayed payments. Incorrect details captured cause rework as the clearinghouse systems, and the payer claims adjudication platforms may reject the claims. As a result, delays in obtaining payment or losses on account of unpaid claims can occur.

Inaccuracies in Population Health Analytics. Identification of the right population segments based on demographic data is the anchor for Population health analytics.

Our Demographic Team offers

Accurate Entry of patient information results in timely reimbursements. Our Patient Registration team receives training to spot errors in the Patient Registration process and work collaboratively with you and your practice clients to:

  • Save over 40% in operational costs.

  • Improve Productivity and Accuracy.

  • Reduce Claim Denials, Improve Claim Submission.

  • Account Management and Collaboration.

  • Software proficiency.

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