TeleMedicine (TeleHealth) Services have become much more important in recent years, as remote access and technical capabilities have expanded for both providers and patients. The coronavirus pandemic has further accelerated demand for this newest way of effectively treating patients. iSolve RCMhas extensive knowledge in the area of Telemedicine/Telehealth services and our teams understand the requirements and billing complexities involved. We support individual physicians and small practices, as well as hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, and other large medical groups in developing this newest way to provide better healthcare to your patients. Whether you need comprehensive revenue cycle management services or basic assistance in developing your TeleHealth service offering, we are prepared to meet your needs.

Telehealth Billing Services

iSolve RCM offers telemedicine billing to the practices providing telehealth services for easier and quicker patient care. Our telehealth billing experts will provide you an efficient billing system that will enable your practice to be more accessible to the patients.

How We Offer The Services

Coding for Telehealth encounters
Our telehealth billing services includes basic and advance level coding for telehealth encounters, to minimize errors and maximize the quality of billing for telehealt

Charge Entry
Our medical billing service guarantees an accuracy of over 98% within a 24-hour time frame of receipt.

Timely Claim Submission
iSolve RCM process and submit the claims to the insurance company within 48-hours of receiving the patient encounter forms.

Hippa Compliant
At iSolve RCM, we follow the HIPPA Compliant guidelines to provide a secure telehealth billing service to the practices.

Reporting & Statements?
iSolve RCM strives to keep your 60-day outstanding accounts receivable below 20%, and 120-day accounts receivable below 10%. iSolve RCM follows up with each insurance company based on its specific payment schedules.

Payment Posting
We record all the patients' benefits and insurance payments with our medical billing services to maintain accurate accounts receivable.

Claim Scrubbing
Our medical billing service scrubs the claims to ensure that all relevant information for processing is included. If claims have to be re-filed, we will do so without any charge to the client.

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